pip3 install stakemachine     [--user]

If you install using the --user flag, the binaries of stakemachine and uptick are located in ~/.local/bin. Otherwise they should be globally reachable.

Adding Keys

It is important to install the private key of your bot’s account into the pybitshares wallet. This can be done using uptick which is installed as a dependency of stakemachine:

uptick addkey


You will need to create configuration file in YAML format. The default file name is config.yml, otherwise you can specify a different config file using the --configufile X parameter of stakemachine.

Read more about the Configuration.


The bot can be run by:

stakemachine run

It will ask for your wallet passphrase (that you have provide when adding your private key to pybitshares using uptick addkey).

If you want to prevent the password dialog, you can predefine an environmental variable UNLOCK, if you understand the security implications.