The configuration of stakemachine happens through a YAML formated file and takes the following form:

# The BitShares endpoint to talk to
node: "wss://"

# List of bots

    # Name of the bot. This is mostly for logging and internal
    # use to distinguish different bots

        # Python module to look for the strategy (can be custom)
        module: "stakemachine.strategies.echo"

        # The bot class in that module to use
        bot: Echo

        # The market to subscribe to
        market: GOLD:TEST

        # The account to use for this bot
        account: xeroc

        # Custom bot configuration
        foo: bar

Usig the configuration in custom strategies

The bot’s configuration is available to in each strategy as dictionary in The whole configuration is avaialable in self.config. The name of your bot can be found in